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Axon 9-Cell Zero-P Main

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The Axon is arguably the best performing intermediate canopy available with its consistent on-heading openings, great glide for long spots, sporty steering control, and more powerful flare.  Additionally, the Axon has the best stability making it feel solid in turbulent air, which inspires confidence during any flight.

The efficiency of the Axon’s wing is exceptional and may even make it seem like you’re flying a larger canopy.  In addition to the wing being the most efficient in its class, the structural elements are also more robust.  These characteristics provide an added safety margin so that you can focus more on having fun.

​Jumpers of all skill levels can appreciate the Axon’s fun handling performance from opening to landing.  The Axon is docile and forgiving at light wing loads but as you increase the wing load, the performance becomes very sporty and responsive.  The Axon’s solid and versatile performance range helps to instill pilot confidence and excitement, just ask an Axon owner.

MSRP $2540

Axon Flight Video

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