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Requesting a Demo Canopy


Innovative Parachute Technologies is pleased to provide demo main canopies to potential customers.  Our demo canopies are provided on a short term loan and secured with a credit card and a small fee to cover shipping and handling costs. 


Question: How do I request a demo main canopy?

Simply e-mail IPT a request for a demo canopy at


Question: What are the costs associated with a demo canopy?

IPT provides demo canopies at a nominal fee to cover the costs of shipping the canopy to you, the return   shipping, insurance while in transit, and the inspection when it's returned.  A return shipping label will be provided to you with the canopy.  The cost for a demo canopy are listed below:


United States Ground Shipping $65 (not available for Alaska or Hawaii)


United States- 2 Day $95 (including Alaska & Hawaii)


United States- Overnight $150 (Including Alaska & Hawaii)


Puerto Rico-UPS Ground $115


Question: How long do I get to keep the canopy?

IPT  will provide 2 weekends to try out the canopy.  


Question: What equipment will I need?

The canopy is set up on risers, but you will need to provide a d-bag and pilot chute.  Also, you will need a complete rig (harness and container with reserve canopy) and reserve to demo an IPT canopy as your main.  


Question: Who can get a demo canopy?  

Our demo canopies are available to all skydivers located in the United States and Purto Rico.


Question: How long will I have to wait for a demo to become available?

We have several demos available at all times.  Occasionally there is some wait depending upon the size and or model.

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