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Helios-WS (Wing Suit) 7-Cell Hybrid

Helios WS Logo.png

The Helios WS is a lightly tapered, low aspect ratio, 7-cell hybrid main canopy specifically designed for wing suit pilots.  Hybrid fabric with zero-porosity top skins and ribs and F-111 bottom skin to reduce pack volume.

The Helios WS was designed to provide quick on-heading openings with sporty flight performance and powerful landings to provide the performance needed for worry free wing suit flying.


The Helios WS provides positive, on-heading openings with a minimal snivel to reduce the potential for line twists in the burble caused by disrupted airflow behind the suit.  The Helios WS has outstanding flight characteristics including moderate rear riser force to increase glide performance from a long spot and modest front riser force to increase speed for an even more dynamic landing.


Consistent openings, great glide performance, and powerful landing performance that will all be retained over its life due to hybrid material use.


If you’re a wing suit pilot looking for a hybrid 7-cell you’ll enjoy IPT's Helios WS.

MSRP $2620

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